The SEAI Solar PV Grant

SEAI offer homeowners a grant of up to €3,000 lowering the total cost of installing a Solar PV and battery storage system with us.

Cheaper electricity bills

On average, a solar PV system can save between €200-€300 per year on your domestic electricity bill. This will make a big difference to you household running costs, allowing you to save for what really matters.

Reduce your emissions

Generating your own renewable electricity also has benefits for our environment. The energy you consume will be clean energy which cuts down on your greenhouse gas emissions.

Your path off grid

Power your home with the solar energy and store excess in a battery storage solution to reduce your reliance on the grid and lower your electricity bill. Also avail of a larger SEAI grant.

Improve your BER

By investing in solar PV, you will also be making an impact on the BER of your home. When it comes to selling your home, a higher BER will add value and help you achieve a higher sale price.


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We are one of Ireland’s top providers and installers of solar PV systems, working with commercial, agricultural and domestic clients.


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