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SEAI grant eligibility

SEAI offer homeowners a grant of up to €3,000 towards the cost of installing Solar PV and battery storage systems.

SEAI grants are helping homeowners, business owners, communities and large industry reduce their energy costs and greenhouse emissions.

How to Apply for an SEAI Grant
  1. Find and appoint a registered SEAI solar PV company

    PV Solar Power are registered with SEAI to provide Solar and Battery systems. Contact Us to arrange a free survey.

  2. Make an application to SEAI for the grant offer
    After you have agreed a formal contract of works with us, you apply to SEAI for the grant. PV Solar Power do not start work until you have received the grant. The grant offer is valid for eight months.

  3. Apply to ESB Networks to connect the Solar PV system to the electricity network
    PV Solar Power will apply to ESB Networks before installing a Solar PV. This application process takes at least 4 weeks (20 working days).

  4. Install your solar PV panels
    PV Solar Power install the Solar PV system and battery (if applicable). Installation takes one day and you provide payment.

  5. Get a post-works BER
    A post works BER is carried out and the cost is included the agreed price with PV Solar Power.

  6. Solar PV company submit evidence of works to SEAI
    We submit documentation of your installation to SEAI and provide you a copy.

Details at a glance
  • Available to any house built and occupied before 2011.

  • Homeowners can connect up to 6kW of Solar PV to the ESB grid.

  • The grant is payable on systems up to 4kW so if installing 6kW you will get grant support on the first 4kW and the last 2kW you pay for in full.

  • Grant aid is €900 per kW for Solar PV up to 2 KW, over 2kW to 4kW is €600 per kW.

  • Battery systems grant aid is €600 for Solar PV systems above 2kW.

  • The grant for Solar PV without battery is payable up to 2kW, between 2-4kW you need to install a battery to get further grant payment.

  • The grant will lower the total cost of the installed system and is claimed by the installer.

  • You will receive a BER energy performance certificate after the Solar PV is installed to show improved efficiency of your home.

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